About Us

The Drunken Turkey Sporting Club is a sports betting establishment that got its name in a very funny way. A few years ago, when we started laying the ground work on our then-future venue, a stray turkey managed to find its way inside and drove the construction workers into a frenzy. The poor bird was obviously confused where to go and it may have been exhausted and disoriented at the time – one of group ended up calling it a “drunken turkey.” This experience resonated so much that we ditched the original name we planned and use the Drunken Turkey instead. It is entertaining and engaging, a starting point of a conversation that gives us an opportunity also to promote what our venue is all about.

The history of our name has made a positive impact on how we do business, while at the same time – as wildly entertaining and outrageous that history was – we have doubled on our reliability because of what is at stake. Many people come to our place to make bets on their favorite sports, so we make sure that we have well secured systems in place so that we can make sure our customers will have only the best experience at The Drunken Turkey.